Public Involvement Opportunities

The project team is committed to keeping the public well informed throughout each step of the EIS process. To access specific information and materials, please click on the applicable ‘Current’ or ‘Completed’ Involvement Opportunities sections below.

Note: Content under ‘Future Notices and Involvement Opportunities’ will be unavailable until the project is at that step of the EIS process.

Current/Upcoming Involvement Opportunities:


Completed Involvement Opportunities:


Agency Scoping Meeting


Two Community Leader briefings were held on April 15, 2019 and April 16, 2019 to inform community groups of the upcoming EIS process. A copy of the presentation given at both meetings is located here.

Future Notices and Involvement Opportunities:


Public Workshops on Purpose and Need and Alternatives


Notice of Availability (NOA) of Draft EIS


Public Workshops on Draft EIS


Notice of Availability (NOA) of Final EIS


Record of Decision (ROD)